🏌️ How to Focus on High-Leverage Activities

It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing the right things

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Growing your business isn’t always about doing more. It’s about doing the right things. So, how do you determine what those activities are?

In today’s issue, we’ll walk down the path to high leverage together.

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🏌️ How to Focus on High-Leverage Activities

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The path to growth can feel like a juggling act.

Balancing multiple roles and responsibilities makes it easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind, often at the expense of the growth you seek.

Focusing on high-leverage activities is the secret to growing your business while taking back your time.

Activities that, when executed, yield significant results for your business.

High-leverage activities create the largest impact from your effort.

However, operators often miss the opportunity to identify these activities when stuck working in their business.

Let’s create a clear roadmap to make every minute count.


  • Track Your Time

  • Pick What Grows Your Business

  • Do What You Do Best

Step 1: Track Your Time

The first step is simple yet eye-opening: tracking your time.

This exercise isn't about scrutiny but clarity. Recording how you spend your workday reveals patterns, highlighting where your efforts are concentrated versus where they need to be.

Opt for simplicity in tracking. The key is consistency, whether a digital tool or a plain notebook. Note down tasks as you do them, no matter how small.

After a week, review your log. You'll likely discover a mix of tasks: some essential, others less so. This insight is your first step for prioritizing high-leverage activities.

Step 2: Pick What Grows Your Business

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With a clear view of how you spend your time, the next step is determining which tasks truly move the needle.

High-leverage activities typically share a few characteristics: they directly impact revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, or streamline operations for efficiency.

Question the impact of each task. If it directly contributes to growth or revenue, it’s high-leverage.

This step might involve tough choices, like pausing projects you are excited about but offer little return on investment.

Focus your energy on high-impact tasks. It could be refining your marketing and content strategy, optimizing your sales funnel, or developing a new offering.

Step 3: Do What You Do Best

Entrepreneurs are pulled in multiple directions, needing to be everywhere simultaneously.

Effectiveness lies in focus.

This step is where you leverage your unique strengths and delegate or automate the rest.

Make a list of tasks that you love and excel at. The tasks that energize you.

These are likely your high-leverage areas.

The goal is to spend most of your workday in your zone of genius.

This approach maximizes productivity and ensures your business benefits from your best work.

A Few Notes on High-Leverage Activities

Focusing on high-leverage activities involves constant assessment, prioritization, and adoption.

What works today may not tomorrow.

Review your strategy regularly, stay agile, and be ready to pivot.

Embrace learning from successes and failures, as each offers invaluable insights for growth.

Leverage Technology

Your tech stack can eliminate many manual tasks and allow you to focus on executing high-leverage activities such as building relationships with your sphere of influence and clients.

Build a Network

High-leverage activities extend beyond your immediate operations. Build a large network of peers, mentors, and collaborators to open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and insights that can drive your business to new heights.

Just Say No

As opportunities arise, so does the temptation to take on more. Saying no is critical to maintaining focus on the right activities.

Evaluate new opportunities critically, assessing their alignment with your current goals and potential to meaningfully impact your business.

The journey to success is paved with decisions on where to focus your energy, time, and resources.

By identifying and concentrating on high-leverage activities, you streamline your path to growth while ensuring that your journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Productivity isn't about doing more; it's about doing more of what matters.

Apply these principles, and your business will thrive while you reclaim time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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