👷 The End of The Work Hard or Work Smart Debate

Let's settle this debate once and for all

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Second, instead of sharing what I’ve been reading and some actionable steps to grow your business, I’m sharing an essay I wrote for Twitter recently and some of my favorite quotes from a personal branding keynote I attended this week.

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Why Work Smart Advice is Stupid

Let’s settle this debate once and for all.

The work hard versus work smart debate is a distraction.

It causes people to lose focus on what it takes to be successful.

Success requires work.

There aren’t any shortcuts.

Initially, you’ll have to put in hundreds of reps and thousands of hours.

You will have to choose doing the same boring things consistently, over more fun and exciting things.

The secret is those consistent reps give you the insight you wouldn’t have had otherwise to create leverage.

Leverage through people, systems, and automation gives you time back to double down on revenue-generating activities.

Leverage is how you double your business and work half the time. Leverage is “working smart.”

It’s not work smart instead of work hard. It’s not an OR statement.

It’s work hard and then work smarter. It’s an AND statement.

The harder you work, the faster you’ll learn to be smart.


10 Quotes From NYT Bestselling Author, Rory Vaden, So You Can Build Your Personal Brand And Serve More People

There is plenty of information on how to build a personal brand.

Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t create and build one.

If you want to grow your business and help more people, building a personal brand is essential in 2024.

On Sunday, I attended a private event, and Rory Vaden was the first of four keynote speakers.

It was one of the most well-delivered keynotes I’ve ever heard, and I’ve seen hundreds over the past ten years.

Here are 10 11 of my favorite quotes:

  1. A brand is what people think about when they think of you

  2. Personal branding is the digitization of your reputation

  3. 74% of Americans are more likely to trust someone with an established personal brand

  4. The higher the requirement for trust, the more important it is the have a personal brand

  5. When you have diluted focus, you will get diluted results

  6. What problem do you solve (in one word)? People buy solutions to problems

  7. What thing would you give your life for? Sell the problem as much as the solution

  8. Become an ambassador of the problem

  9. You are most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were

  10. Don’t just differentiate yourself based on what you do; differentiate based on who you are

  11. A great personal brand is not self-centered; it’s service-centered

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